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Welcome to Caribbean Casa, located on Isla Mujeres, a small tropical island eight miles off the coast of Cancun, Mexico, and one hour from the Cancun International Airport via shuttle service and high speed ferry.

Our home is located on the edge of the Caribbean Sea, on the island's well known malecon, or ocean walk-way, and across from the Navy Base on Avenida Juarez. Approximately five miles long and less than a half-mile wide, the island is ideal for exploring via golf cart, moped or bicycle. The island's center, a vibrant fishing village with many shops and restaurants, is within a short walk from the casa.

The perfect island getaway, Isla Mujeres is rich in Mayan history. Translated, the island's name literally means "Island of Woman", which was given after the Spaniards arrived to Isla Mujeres and found a large number of statues of woman dedicated to Ixchel, the goddess of love and fertility. Since then, the island has been rediscovered by visitors from all over the world looking for a romantic getaway and a tropical vacation. Due to its close proximity to Cancun and Riviera Maya, Isla Mujeres is also a wonderful starting point for discovering the Yucatan and its many archaeological sites.

picture of owners Cori and Pete

Pete and Cori

We are a semi-retired couple from Canada and discovered Isla Mujeres while we were travelling around the Yucatan. The turquoise water, white sand beaches and the sunsets were stunning. We enjoy the friendly people that we meet on the island and also the wonderful restaurants and relaxed atmosphere while walking through town and the safety we feel everywhere on Isla Mujeres. The people of Isla Mujeres are some of the kindest and most gentle people we have ever met and it is a wonderful destination for a relaxing Caribbean holiday. Renting a golfcart is a fun way to see the entire island and bike riding is also another option. Running or walking the ocean walk-way and the coast of the island is something that we do everyday and we look forward to it each morning. Waking up and watching the sunrise is a marvelous way to start the day - and it's amazing to only have to open your eyes and watch the wonder without even getting out of bed! We are constantly impressed by the view of the ocean from the casa and feel very blessed to be able to share this with you.

If you find yourself getting restless while on a 5 mile island - and feel the need to shop, explore or be around a half-million other people, Cancun is only 20 minutes away on a $7 modern highspeed ferry. There are also a multitude of day trips, from ziplining over cenotes, to exploring colonial cities and climbing world famous pyramids. Just ask us for the name of our favorite tour operator to set you up with an action filled day trip. You'll be sighing with relief when you return to Isla Mujeres to relax at the end of the day.

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